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Merry Christmas – Wishing you love and happiness.

From the whole Umid and Umanita team, we wish all the authors, supporters and readers wishing you all the happiness in this holiday season. May this festival you get more time to spend it with your family and friends.  Celebrate the Wonder and Joy of the Fastive Season. Merry Christmas


Vada Pav – My first Gujarati snacks

Vada Pav is a very famous vegetarian snacks. It is basically found in every part of state in India with different variety. I am basically from bhubaneswar and in 2013 when I first ate vada pav in bhubaneswar and they told me this is a gujarati snack. That time I...

hirni fall 0

Hirni Fall

Jharkhand, as you know that it is the land of forest. It is also known for waterfalls, animals, and mountains. In this article, I am going to tell you about one of the waterfall which is not famous as compared to the other waterfall in Jharkhand and it is named...


Two most beautiful place for Morning Walk – Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad and its morning, it feels great if you are a jogger or morning walker, some people are but some are not. If you want to get up in the morning and want to do some walking, jogging or some normal exercise trust me it require 3 things – Highly...

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Way To Heaven – Gangtok

Gangtok Images of Different Places Gangtok is one of the most beautiful place of my journey. My journey for gangtok starts with the 30 hours travelling from Bhubaneshwar to Siliguri from train,  Bhubaneshwar to Kolkata , Kolkata to Siliguri by bus and finally we reach Siliguri and headed toward Gangtok with...


Ganpati Bappa Morya

It was sunday and I woke up like everyday but that day I have a goal, a plan like a dream going in my mind. As Ganesh Puja is going on. It was the 3rd day of ganesh puja and I am in Ahmedabad so I thought this will be...


Story Of The “Queen”

It​​ was ​​the ​​first ​​time.​​ First​​ ever. I​​ used​​ to​​ see​​ that​​ advert ​​on ​​television​​ daily &​​ So ​​I​​ decided ​​to ​​do ​​it. ​​I ​​took​​ a ​​sketch​​pen ​​& ​​a ​​last page​​ of​​ my ​​school​​ sketchbook ​​&​​ started…​​ & ​​Completed​​ it​​ within​​ 2 ​​hours. It ​​was​​ Spider​​Man. I​​ was​​ crazy​​ fan​​...



A Person who is property of another person in terms of physical, mental and emotional is a slave. Yes, we are slaves not of others but from our own minds. Our minds has restricted us within boundrys. I always often ask the people around me that what you think what...



Hii , Mera naam Puja hai, Likhna mera shauk nai hai par, jab v koi mujhe apne  gaon ke  baare  puchta hai  to main bahut proud feel krti hun aur apne(mere) gaon ke baare me batane ke liye utsuk ho jati hun. Mere gaon ka naam Shamsundarpur jo jharkhand ke...